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2013-2015 UP Event Archives

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10/15/15 Webinar

Coordinating Veterans' Health Care

Learn more about the Veterans Care Coordination Center, including:
  • Eligibility for veterans' services
  • Qualifications
  • Services to assist senior veterans and their spouses obtain the Aid and Attendance Pension benefit
US Army VeteranGuest Speaker:
  • Jeremy Novak
    Business Development Manager
    Veterans Care Coordination Center
Presentation Materials:

7/22/15 Webinar

Housing Issues Plaguing Seniors

During this free webinar, guest speaker Dr. Robyn Stone provides an overview of the major health and functional characteristics of low income older adults living in publicly subsidized housing. She identifies and discusses the reasons why home health agencies should consider partnering with senior housing properties in their communities and highlight models of senior housing linked with health and social services/LTSS, many of which are engaged with home health or home care agencies as a partner.
Guest Speaker:
  • Robyn I. Stone, DrPH
    Executive Director, Center for Applied Research
    Vice President of Research, LeadingAge
Presentation Materials:

4/22/15 Webinar

Chronic Health Issues Affecting Hispanic Patients

Learn about chronic disease issues (e.g., diabetes and hypertension) affecting Hispanic patients. Discuss health issues/barriers affecting elderly people in Hispanic communities, and discover ideas to reduce barriers and improve patient care and outcomes.

Guest Speaker:
  • Viviana Lozano, BSN, RN
    Hospice Case Manager, VNA Health Group
    Chairperson of Marketing and Public Relations,
    National Association of Hispanic Nurses (NAHN), Garden State Chapter

Presentation Materials:

1/28/15 Webinar

Home Health Scope of Practice for Therapists

This educational session discusses the roles of PTs, OTs, and SLPs in home health and expectations of each discipline within their Scope of Practice to improve patient care and outcomes.  Topics will include vital signs, auscultation, medications management, OASIS, and involving therapists in your quality improvement activities.  Additionally,  the presenters will provide insight on how to change practice expectations, engaging therapists, as well as resources for home health leaders.
Recommended audience:  Agency leaders, quality team, nursing and therapy managers, nurses, therapists, QINs-QIOs

Guest Speakers: 
  • Bud Langham, PT, MBA, COS-C, Chief Clinical Officer, Encompass Home Health and Hospice
  • Ken Miller, PT, DPT, CEEAA, Clinical Educator, Catholic Home Care
Presentation Materials:

7/9/14 Webinar

Population Health Management from the Home Health Perspective

Webinar Objectives:
  • Learn from a Home Health collaboration with an insurer to improve health of the underserved and non-homebound population
    • Ideal for Medicaid patient populations
  • Explore strategies and interventions to successfully reduce hospital admissions and Emergency Department visits for patients with chronic diseases (e.g., CHF, COPD, and Diabetes)

Keynote Speaker:

  • Sharon N. Fisher, BS
    Healthcare Senior Executive
    Circle Home, Inc.
    Lowell, Massachusetts
Presentation Materials:

6/11/14 Webinar

The Universal Language of Caregiving: What We Need to Know Now

The goal for this interactive presentation is to take your current caregiver role to a more positive, enriched and life-changing experience. We will explore the challenges we face as professional and family caregivers and help you put them in a perspective that is comfortable and enlightening. Together, we will make shifts in our perspectives to gain excellent outcomes.

Keynote Speaker:
  • Kim Linder
    Certified Senior Advisor, Caregiver Coach, Radio Talk Show Host, and Consultant
    The Caregiver Resource Network
Guest Speakers:
  • Deb Perian, RN, MHA, CPHQ
    Manager of Clinical Leadership
    BAYADA Home Health Care

  • Karen Hinkle, MSW
    Retired Executive Director
    Kentucky Home Health Association
Presentation Materials:
5/28/14 Webinar

Alzheimer’s  Disease: 
A New Way of Understanding for the Home Care Worker

  • Gain insight in to what is truly happening to the person with Alzheimer’s or a related dementia482243453.jpg
  • Work from the "photo album” philosophy
  • Discuss techniques for better communication and strategies for maximizing care
Guest Speaker:
  • Jane Marks, CDP
    Certified Dementia Practitioner, Trainer & Speaker
    Sandwich Caring

Presentation Materials:

5/14/14 Webinar

Best Practices for Care Transitions:
Engaging Emergency Departments & Urgent Care Centers

  • Overview of the opportunity to improve patients’ transitions out of emergency departments and urgent care centers—two healthcare settings not yet widely involved in care transitions QI efforts
  • Discussion of Rhode Island’s Safe Transitions Best Practices, with a focus on the emergency department and urgent care settings, and how home health agencies are an important part of theCare-Transitions.jpg process
  • Sharing of lessons learned and strategies for sustainability
Guest Speaker:
  • Rebekah Gardner, MD
    Senior Medical Scientist, Healthcentric Advisors
    Assistant Professor of Medicine
    Alpert School of Medicine, Brown University
Presentation Materials:
In addition to the Best Practice Measure specification, healthcentric Advisors created a Home Health Safe Transitions Best Practice Implementation Guide. It includes suggested steps for getting started and measures to consider/track ensuring that your interventions are not only measurable but, more importantly, have a meaningful impact for the patients you serve. 
To learn more or request a copy of the guide, contact:

Lynne Chase
Senior Program Administrator


Home Health Quality Improvement (HHQI)

4/23/14 Webinar

Using Occupational Therapy to Optimize Outcomes

  • Explain the relationship between daily activities and self-management of chronic conditions.
  • Identify and describe 6 strategies for using occupational therapy to improve clinical outcomes.
  • Evaluate occupational therapy care plans for relevance to health management and outcomes.

Guest Speakers:

  • Carol Siebert, MS, OTR/L, FAOTA
    Principal, The Home Remedy, an occupational therapy practice
  • Karen Vance, OTR/L
    Supervising Consultant, BKD Health Care Group
Presentation materials:

4/9/14 Webinar

Everyone with Diabetes Counts:
The Impact on Rural Southern West Virginia

Although a number of health disparities exist between rural and urban areas, diabetes ranks as one of the most significant health concerns. Compared to urban areas, rural areas experience a roughly 17% higher diabetes prevalence rate. In fact, the impact of diabetes in rural communities has earned it prominence as a top-three priority area in Rural Healthy People 2010.

The Everyone with Diabetes Counts (EDC) program offers free diabetes education and management classes in communities throughout central and southern West Virginia, where -- in some areas -- as many as 1 in 6 people have diabetes. In this 1-hour webinar, we will discuss:
  • An overview of the EDC program
  • Implementation & evaluation of the EDC program
  • Lessons learned regarding self-management, patient engagement, rural issues, etc.
  • Home health collaboration
Guest Speaker:
  • Natalie Tappe, RN, MSN
    EDC Lead Project Coordinator, WVMI & Quality Insights

Presentation materials:

Related Resources:

3/26/14 Webinar

Making the Most of Telehealth to Care for Underserved Populations

This webinar will provide an overview of the benefits of using telehealth for underserved populations in a cost- and quality-effective manner. We will discuss how providers can work within each of these four pillars to build or improve their telehealth program and also share an interactive tool that can be used to select the best technology for your specific agency and staff.

Guest Speaker:
  • Alexis Silver, MBA
    Independent Health Technology Consultant, Alexis Silver Consulting

Presentation materials:

3/12/14 Webinar

Underserved Populations: A Managed Care Perspective

After this webinar, attendees will be able to 1) identify the most challenging underserved populations served by managed care organizations; 2) recognize the role of home health and community-based organizations in partnering with managed care organizations in serving underserved populations; and 3) apply best practices in coordinating care for the most challenging underserved populations.

Guest Speaker:
  • Marian Essey, BSN, Director of Clinical Community-Based Services
    University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Insurance Services Division
    UPMC Health Plan, Pittsburgh, PA
Presentation materials:

2/26/14 Webinar

Health Disparities among People with Disabilities

During this webinar, you will learn more about the federal criteria for determining disability, the profile of people with disabilities, dual-eligible populations and health concerns and solutions for people with disabilities.

Guest Speaker:
  • Diane McComb, MS Ed, Subject Matter Expert, Disparities National Coordinating Center
Presentation materials:

11/13/13 Webinar

Advice and Tips from Home Health Experts on 3 Key Topics

If you are in charge of your PI/QI Program, do you know what the essentials are? Does your pulse race when it comes time for a survey? Do you have palpitations when your mail is delivered with ADRs?
If you answered yes to any of those questions, then this session is for you.  An expert panel of consultants will provide valuable information on these topics for agencies of all sizes, but this is a must-attend session for smaller agencies.

Guest Speakers:

  • Cheryl Pacella, DNP(c), HHCNS-BC, CPHQ, owner of CAP Consulting, LLC
  • Nancy Allen, BSN, RNC, CMC, founder and CEO of Solutions for Care, Inc.
  • Barbara Piskor, MPH, BSN, RN, NEA-BC, owner of BKP HealthCare Resources
Presentation materials:
10/23/13 Webinar

Reducing Health Disparities through Organizational Cultural Competence

Explore cultural competency and what it means to be a culturally competent organization – both legal (e.g., Joint Commission, CLAS Standards, Title IV) and social implications (e.g., improving patient experience).  Discover which organizational areas are key to improving patient outcomes and staff relations.

Guest Speaker:
  • Emeobong "Eme" Martin, MPH, Project Manager, Cultural Competency, Centers on Health Disparities at Adventist Healthcare
Presentation materials:

10/9/13 Webinar

The Economic Case for Health Disparity Reduction

Join us as we take a look at the national economic burden of inequalities affecting health care -- such as segregation, poverty tracts, and life expectancy -- and the system changes needed to eliminate them.

Guest Speakers:
  • Dr. Brian Smedley, PhD, Vice President and Director, Health Policy Institute, Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies (pre-recorded)
  • Dr. Shanta Whitaker, PhD, MPH, Senior Medicare Disparities Analyst, Delmarva Foundation
Presentation materials:

9/25/13 Webinar

Community Mental Health on Wheels

Learn to maximize mental health services in home health to address many barriers for the Underserved, including the Psychiatric Bridge Program Grant Services at VNA of Ohio.

Guest Speakers:
  • Amy Silbaugh, Manager, Mental Health Services, VNA of Ohio
  • Gary Mahoney, Psychiatric Bridge Program, Mental Health Services, VNA of Ohio
Presentation materials:

9/11/13 Webinar

Intervening Early:
Building an Identification and Referral System for Patients at Risk for Diabetes in Primary Care Centers

Learn how to partner with primary care, public health, and other community organizations to address Type 2 Diabetes and how electronic registries can impact healthcare communities.

Guest Speakers:

  • Emma White, Healthcare Quality Improvement Coordinator, Office of Health Services Research, West Virginia University School of Public Health Sciences
  • Gina Wood, MPH, RD, LD, WV Bureau for Public Health, Division of Health Promotion and Chronic Disease

Presentation materials:

8/14/13 Webinar

Advancing Health Equity Now: Uniting Our Communities to Bring Healthcare Coverage to All

Identify health disparities for African Americans including barriers and issues as well as intervention strategies needed to provide equal care.

Guest Speaker:
  • Ndidi Amutah, PhD, MPH, CHES, Assistant Professor, Department of Health and Nutrition Sciences, Montclair State University (New Jersey)
Presentation materials:

7/10/13 Webinar

Engaging Patients with Health Literate Care

To be successful with patient engagement, health literacy needs must be addressed at both a health system and patient level. Learn steps and tools to engage patients via health literate care.

Guest Speaker:
  • Jennifer Pearce, MPA, Health Literacy Consultant, Sutter Center for Integrated Care
Presentation materials:

6/12/13 Webinar
(120 minutes)

Compulsive Hoarding for Care Managers

Compulsive hoarding is a problem for some home health patients that poses safety and well-being issues. Watch this 2-hr webinar to learn more about Compulsive Hoarding clinical presentation, physiology, treatment, and interventions including therapy interventions.

Guest Speakers:
  • Dr. Patricia Tomsko Nay, MD, CMD, CHCQM, FAAFP, FAIHQ, FAAHPM, Celtic Healthcare Medical Director
  • Tonya Miller, PT, DPT, COS-C, Celtic Healthcare Eastern Regional VP and VP for Home Health Section of the American Physical Therapy Association
Presentation materials:

5/22/13 Teleconference

Hospice and Palliative Care & the Underserved Populations

Learn more about how to use hospice and palliative services to meet the needs and barriers of the underserved populations. Sally Welsh, MSN, RN, NEA-BC, CEO, Alliance for Excellence in Hospice and Palliative Nursing

Guest Speaker:
  • Dr. Joy Buck, Associate Professor, School of Nursing Research Center, West Virginia University Health Sciences Center, Eastern Division
Presentation materials:

5/8/13 Teleconference

Improving Patient Outcomes with Early Intervention to Fill Nutritional Gaps

Learn more about a BAYADA collaborative with a nutritional vendor to assess and provide early nutritional interventions to improve outcomes, quality of care and quality of life.

Guest Speaker:
  • Allison Sterner, RN, Associate Director of Bayada Touch, BAYADA Home Health Care
Presentation Materials:

4/24/13 Teleconference

Duquesne University's Community Pharmacy Initiative 

Learn about innovative programs in underserved and health disparate regions of urban cities for community health and education.

Guest Speaker:
  • Terri Kroh, BS Pharm., R.Ph, Director, The Center for Pharmacy Services, Dusquesne University (Pittsburgh)
Presentation Materials:

4/10/13 Teleconference

HHQI Data and the Underserved Population 

Learn how to read the HHQI reports and apply the information to quality improvement.

HHQI Speaker:
  • Cindy Sun, RN, MS, APRN; HHQI RN Project Coordinator
Presentation Materials:

3/27/13 Teleconference

Care Transitions: Special Barriers/Issues for the Underserved

Guest Speaker:
  • Donna Anderson, Project Coordinator for Integrating Care for Populations and Communities
Presentation Materials:
3/13/13 Teleconference

Coordinating Medicare & Medicaid

Guest Speakers:
  • Robin Wagner, Louisiana Office of Aging and Adult Services
  • Allison Vujoin, Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals
Presentation Materials:

2/27/13 Teleconference

American Indian Culture

Guest Speaker:
  • Christopher Tall Bear, Diabetic Educator for Indian Health Service
Presentation materials:

2/13/13 Teleconference

Decreasing Pain Disparities for Culturally Diverse Populations

Guest Speaker:
  • Mary Nayrayan, Transultural Nurse and Consultant
Presentation materials: