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Quarterly UP Network Webinar | October 2017 | Get Slides | Watch Recording | Read Transcript

Creating Dementia-Capable Systems of Healthcare

elderly man looking out windowThis educational webinar will discuss ways your organization and clinicians can improve the care of dementia patients in the community setting. Debra Cherry, BA, MA, PhD, Executive Vice President of Alzheimer’s Greater Los Angeles, will share how to use components from a Dementia Cal MediConnect Project that her organization found to be successful. She will discuss indicators, barriers, and strategies to improve the dementia care provided by your organization.


  • Identify two key indicators of a dementia-capable system.
  • Describe why community partnerships are beneficial for successful dementia-capable systems of health care.
  • Identify two ideas to begin to improve clinical training to care for patients/families with dementia. 


Debra Cherry, BA, MA, PhD
Executive Vice President
Alzheimer's Greater Los Angeles


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