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Hospital Discharge & Rural Transition Planning

January 2016 UP Network Webinar

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Rural residents experience both a “mortality and morbidity penalty” when compared to their urban counterparts. Urban-based discharge planners are often unfamiliar with services and resources available in outlying rural communities, and many rural health providers, researchers, and advocates have come to see discharge from a regional hospital to a small town or rural community as a point at which rural health care disparities are most apparent.

During this webinar, you’ll learn how an enhanced discharge and rural transitions model incorporates the 
senior woman in rural home
patient’s perspective and builds on community strengths to support a patient’s transition back home and back into the natural systems of support.
Guest Speakers:
  • Dr. Joseph Knapp, MD
    International Heart Institute of Montana
  • Craig Ravesloot, PhD
    Rural Institute, University of Montana
  • Heidi Boehm, CCRN
    St. Patrick Hospital, Montana