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Resource Library Icon Descriptions

Evidence-based information, improvement strategies, quality tools, and resources related to a specific topic
Bulletin Board Material icon BULLETIN BOARD MATERIAL
Ready-made content to be used on office bulletin boards  or in other communication with staff. Developed in conjunction with Best Practice Intervention Packages.
Data icon DATA
Resources related to HHQI’s free data reports which are available to all CMS-reporting home health agencies that are registered on the HHQI Data Access System
Informational Resource icon INFORMATIONAL RESOURCE
Flyers, pamphlets, and brochures
Interactive Tool icon INTERACTIVE TOOL
Tools that require user input or include fill-in fields such as worksheets and forms
Online Course icon ONLINE COURSE
Links to online courses and supporting materials. For HHQI University courses, registration is required prior to enrollment.
Podcast icon PODCAST
Audio-only files
Poster icon POSTER
Visual display of high priority information
Promotional Material icon PROMOTIONAL MATERIAL
Flyers that promote HHQI programs and events
Success Story icon SUCCESS STORY
First-hand success stories on a variety of topics from home health agencies participating in the HHQI National Campaign
Video icon VIDEO
Educational videos for patients & clinicians
Webinar/Presentation icon WEBINAR or PRESENTATION
Recordings, slides & transcripts