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Top 10 Most Popular HHQI University Courses

Remember choosing your courses for an upcoming semester? You likely solicited input from your peers to help you make your selections. With that in mind, we've put together a list of the top 10 most popular courses in HHQI University and insight from a current student to help you select your first course or your next course.
All HHQI University courses are free and self-paced; you can stop them at any point and pick up right where you left off at a later time. All courses include free continuing education credits for nurses, and those marked with an asterisk in the list below also include Physical Therapy CCUs. All certificates are available immediately.
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  1. QAPI 101
  2. Fundamentals of Medication Management
  3. no backgroundExercise Prescription for the Home Health Patient with Heart Failure*
  4. Making CASPER Data Work
  5. Blood Pressure Control & Smoking Cessation
  6. Cardiovascular Health for At-Risk Populations
  7. Pave Your Path (part 1 of 4)
  8. Master the Maze of Blood Pressure Medications
  9. The State of Cardiovascular Health
  10. Maintenance Therapy for the Home Health Patient with Heart Failure*
Here's what one student had to say about HHQI University:
"The information and materials in the HHQI University definitely support and go hand-in-hand with the work we do in home health. With the revised COP's coming, the courses offered on QAPI were exactly what we needed to get our QAPI program where it needed to be.
I like learning about topics that relate to what I do in home health. The Best Practice Intervention Packages help to improve our agency's teaching and outcomes. Another benefit of HHQI University is that you choose the course you need, take it whenever it's convenient, and you can stop and start the course. The free CEs are a terrific bonus, too."

Diane Bennett, RN

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