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HHQI Agency of the Month: June 2019

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"The VNA of Somerset Hills is honored and proud to be named HHQI’s Agency of the Month. The Home Health Quality Improvement Campaign has long been our guide for best practices, patient education, and performance improvement resources. Among the vast array of resources available through HHQI, we commonly use the reporting tools to collect and analyze data, the best practice interventions to guide our QAPI projects, and the patient education tools. We find these help us develop processes that target specific areas for intervention, as well as manage our chronically ill patients while supporting patient autonomy in their recovery.

Our success in reducing hospitalization rates and improving medication management can be attributed to the efforts of our outstanding clinical staff. They accurately assess each patient for risks and improvement potential and provide personalized interventions that help patients regain independence. This independence, whether alone or with the assistance of a caregiver, is key to reducing avoidable hospitalizations. A patient who can manage their own medications, identify symptoms and issues, and complete their activities of daily living safely and effectively is much less likely to be hospitalized.

In addition to our field staff, our committed managers and leadership provide the support, education, and tools to ensure that our patients receive the high quality care they have come to expect from our agency. Coupled with the resources available through HHQI, we have been able to realize excellent outcomes and provide value to our referral sources and care partners."

Rita Truex
Director of Quality Care Management
VNA of Somerset Hills

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