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Home Health Cardiovascular Data Registry

The Home Health Cardiovascular Data Registry (HHCDR) from HHQI is a powerful and convenient quality improvement tool available to CMS-certified home health agencies. Using this tool will help target potential disparities in care and advance cardiovascular health improvement efforts.

HHCDR_Data-Access-(1).pngThe HHCDR fuels new custom data reports that will help you identify specific opportunities for improving the cardiovascular health of your patient population and will provide evidence of the impact made by your quality improvement efforts. Much of the data required for these new reports is populated automatically from your OASIS-C transmissions, so additional effort on your part is minimal. Agencies that participated in the HHCDR pilot in 2013 reported that submitting patient data required approximately 2-3 hours per month.

The HHCDR has proven to be a valuable quality improvement tool for many participating home health agencies. HHDCR-participating agencies who also utilized HHQI’s Cardiovascular Health Best Practice Intervention Packages (BPIPs) experienced even greater success.

HHCDR Improvements include:

  • The ability to select which measures (Aspirin, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Smoking) you wish to abstract (download the chart abstraction tool to see what non-OASIS data is requested)
  • The removal of time-consuming questions
  • The number of patients required for a valid report is now approximately 12 per measure selected or the total discharges from your agency (whichever is smaller)

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