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CardioLAN Webinars

Join the CardioLAN NowParticipation in the Progressive Cardiovascular Learning & Action Network (CardioLAN) provides increased support from HHQI and networking opportunities through specialized quarterly webinars. These events provide an interactive, virtual forum for sharing cardiovascular knowledge and the application of free resources.

All CardioLAN webinars will begin at 2pm ET. Pre-registration is required for each webinar. When registration is open, you can click on the dates in the table below to register. You can also click on the dates below to access webinar details, handouts, and recordings as soon as they are available.

2014-15 2016 2017 2018 2019
Browse recordings & materials from 2014 & 2015 CardioLAN webinars. March 17
Exercise Prescription for the Home Health Patient with Heart Failure
March 16
Rising to the Challenge:
How to Thrive
under CMS' New Home Health CoPs
March 15
At Your Service: Benefits of Working with Your QIN-QIO
March 21
Advancing QI Strategies from the Frontline

June 16 
Making Your CASPER
Data Work for YOU
(no longer applicable)

July 12
Partnering with Patients to Make
Non-Compliance a Thing of the Past
June 21
Statin Therapy for the Prevention & Treatment of CVD
June 20
HHQI Cardiovascular Health Improvement Initiative Update
September 15
Maintenance Therapy
for the Home Health Patient with Heart Failure
September 21
The Million Hearts® Toolbox for Hypertension Control & Beyond
September 20
CVD: Reduction of Risk and Treatment through Diet & Lifestyle Changes
December 15
Cholesterol: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly*
December 14
Advancing QI Strategies from
the Frontline
December 13
Air Quality & Cardiovascular Health*

* Corresponding course in HHQI University includes free continuing education credit(s).