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HHCDR: Cholesterol Measure FAQ

  1. What are the criteria for a patient to be selected for the Cholesterol measure?

    The patient must have a diagnosis of Ischemic Vascular Disease (IVD) or Diabetes (view ICD-9 & ICD-10 codes) AND be between 18 and 75 years old.

  2. Our agency doesn’t have access to patients’ labs. How do you suggest we get this information?

    We’ve heard many success stories for this measure. Here are a few:
  • Add the request of the most recent lipid panel to the intake questions when accepting the patient referral
  • Make it part of the SOC clinician’s process to request the latest lipid panel when giving the initial report to the admitting physician
  • Use the Cardiovascular fax sheet to receive this information
  1. On the office visit not from our referral source, the MD said the patient has been screened for dyslipidemia, but we don’t have the lab report.  Does this count as a ‘yes’?

    Yes, and please mark ‘Other’.

  2. We didn’t collect the labs while the patient was under our care.  Does this mean we need to mark ‘no’?

    Please check with the referral source and PCP to ensure the patient didn’t receive cholesterol screening in another setting prior to answering ‘no’. This screening can be completed by any healthcare professional and is not limited to the care your HHA provides.

  3. Can we use the lab results from an in-patient stay?

    Yes, as long as the results are within 1 year from this episode’s DC data from the HHA.