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HHCDR: Blood Pressure Measure FAQ

  1. What are the criteria for a patient to be selected for the Blood Pressure measure?

    The patient must have a diagnosis of hypertension (HTN) (view ICD-9 & ICD-10 codes) AND be between 18 and 85 years old.

  2. The last recorded blood pressure for one of our patients was taken at the MD’s office.  Does this count?

    Yes. In order for a BP value to qualify, it must be taken by a medical professional.

  3. We use telehealth and the final BP prior to DC was from the telehealth monitor.  Should I use this one or the one taken 2 weeks before during a home visit?

    At this time, self-monitoring and telehealth BP values are not acceptable to be entered into the registry. Please use the last BP taken by medical personnel.

  4. Our patient’s BP was elevated and the nurse called the MD who didn’t want to do anything about it.  Would this count for an intervention?

    No, the scope of practice of a registered nurse indicates the nurse should perform independent actions beyond notifying a physician, such as additional assessments of potential causes of elevated BP (antihypertension medications adherence assessment, sodium intake assessment, pain, etc.).

  5. Our physical therapists are not taking blood pressures and state this is not something they are trained to do.  Is this accurate?

    No, according to the APTA (American Physical Therapy Association), physical therapists are trained to perform BP assessment. Please check with them again and investigate if the issue may be that they haven’t assessed BP in years and may feel a refresher course in taking a BP would be helpful or if maybe their equipment isn’t functioning. HHQI encourages all agency leadership to learn the scope of practices of all disciplines employed. Please watch the HHQI CardioLAN webinar, The Role of Therapists in Cardiovascular Care (April 2015), for additional resources and tips on this topic.

  6. How do we answer if a patient moved out of the area or was no longer homebound before we were ready to discharge from our agency?

    You would still need to respond accordingly and enter the blood pressure values even if your agency didn’t have the time to address the problem as thoroughly as you would have liked.  It is understood that at times, home health patients will be discharged from the HHA prior to their plan of care being met either due to relocation, loss of home bound status, etc.

  7. Why was the BP plan question removed from the HHCDR?

    This Measure, in its current form, is not applicable in the home health setting due to an expectation of implemented BP control interventions for patients with hypertension such as medication reconciliation.