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General Campaign FAQs

  1. What is the main HHQI website address?

    The Home Health Quality Improvement website is
  2. Is this campaign open to everyone or only home health agencies?

    HHQI focuses on home health agencies, but everyone is welcome to everything the campaign has to offer including the tools that are adaptable for all provider settings and consumers.
  3. Is my username & password the same for the General Campaign and the HHQI Data Access system?

    Not unless you created them to be identical. These are two completely different registrations systems and they are not connected in any way other than being accessible from the HHQI website.
  4. I can’t remember my password. 

    Please use the “forgotten password” feature located on the Log In page (upper right corner of the home page).
  5. I have forgotten my username.

    Please contact HHQI at
  6. How many people from each agency can register for the campaign? 

    The Agency Registration system is designed to allow multiple registrations using the same provider number. 
  7. How can I change my contact information?

    Once you have logged into the HHQI website, hover your cursor on “Members” link on the blue tool bar going across the top, then click on “Edit My Profile” button.
  8. Will the agencies have monthly teleconferences?

    No, we found with previous campaigns that holding a call with 5,000+ people on the line was not the most effective use of time and resources.  With this campaign, in addition to finding educational information on the HHQI Web site, agencies will be invited to webinars and LiveChat interactive informational sessions among other means.
  9. Is this campaign purely an educational effort?

    Although providing evidence-based educational materials and HHQI Data Reports are the primary function of HHQI, we also understand the value in networking and sharing of success stories while learning from other agencies. For this reason, we also encourage you to use the discussion boards, LiveChats, webinars, and Agency of the Month.
  10. I am no longer my agency’s contact person. What do I do? 

    Please ask the new contact person to create his/her own user account and please notify your Network Coordinator so he/she can update his/her contact list. Also, please notify us at
  11. When is the last day an agency can register for the campaign? 

    There is no end date for registration.
  12. How do I get on your mailing list?
You can subscribe to HHQI's topic-specific mailing lists using our online subscription form. We will not flood your inbox. For each mailing list your join, you will receive up to one email per month.