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FAQs: Best Practice Intervention Packages (BPIPs)

  1. How will I receive the BPIPs? 

    The BPIPs will be posted on the HHQI website. All you will need to do is log in and follow the “Education” tab on the blue tool bar.
  2. Will successful practice tools be shared?

    Absolutely. We will share updated tools from the last campaign that have been proven effective based on the feedback from the clinicians using them as well as introduce new tools as warranted. If you have a tool you are using that you would like to share, please feel free to contact
  3. Will the BPIPs incorporate the OASIS guidelines?

    Yes, when the information relates to the new OASIS, it will be noted in the BPIP.
  4. Will subjects related to decreasing hospitalizations be included in this campaign? 

    Absolutely. Instead of having one specific BPIP focusing on reducing avoidable hospitalizations, each BPIP will incorporate this content in conjunction with the specific BPIP topic.  
  5. Do we have to use the entire BPIP? 

    No. Select as many items in each BPIP you feel is best for your agency and implement them. It’s better to implement a few tools well versus implementing many tools poorly.
  6. On what topics do the Cardiovascular Health BPIPs focus?

    The Cardiovascular Health Part 1 BPIP provides evidence-based tools, resources, and information on appropriate aspirin therapy and blood pressure control, while the Cardiovascular Health Part 2 BPIP focuses on cholesterol management and smoking cessation.
  7. How do I access the Cardiovascular Health BPIPs?

    From any page on the HHQI website, go to the Education tab and click on Best Practices. You’ll then see a list of all available BPIPs. Click on the title to access all relevant tools, resources, and information. (If you’re not already logged in, you’ll be prompted to do so. If you're not yet registered, you'll need to create a free account.)